I am a graduate of the University of Arizona with a degree in Classics . While I HATE the desert, I love learning. I have been researching ancient Greek sexuality for some time and have a special place in my heart for Alex and Heph! I am due to graduate in December and have started shopping for Grad schools.

I am a Proud Fag Hag and supporter of what is being called Gay Rights... but I believe that it is simply Human Rights.

I have been a Geek and Nerd for so many years that I can not count my fandoms from over the years. (and yes, I have done cosplay) I have been watching Spartacus since the beginning. I was caught up on Supernatural until list season when DICK ruined it for me.

The rest of things that make my heart beat a little faster strike most people as odd. I love Sons of Anarchy, Deadliest Catch and All things Law and Order.

I work for Barnes and Noble and love books so much that I have run out of shelf space. I am a bit of a 1st edition whore and have many in my collection. (Still looking for a 1st edition Iliad.)

I am new to Tumblr and want to learn all that there is to learn about gif making, but I am also a traditional artist and will never give up my pencil and pen

This blog is a storage for all this stuff in my head. • Have a Query?
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